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Fundraising Tips

You’re doing something amazing, now you need to share it with the world! Email and social media are important tools for success, so what are the best ways to use them? Here are some tips and tools that will help set you up for success in your fundraising.  Incorporate them into your routine and watch your fundraising total grow! 

Set a challenging yet attainable goal

We encourage each rider to raise a minimum of $150, but you can always set a higher goal for yourself! Track and share your progress with current and potential donors. If you reach your goal, keep going and see how much more you can raise!

Make that first donation

It’s an easy way to show you mean business and will inspire family, friends and colleagues to also donate generously.

Start early

The sooner you start asking for donations, the more money you will raise.  As soon as you register to participate, get organized and start fundraising!

Don't be shy

Ask, ask, ask! People can only make a donation if you give them the opportunity to. Reach out to everyone in your network to ask for donations. Child Life programs enrich the lives of kids who have to be in the hospital, and this is a great opportunity to showcase these important programs and support so many children. Start by connecting with your networks from your email address book, then your regular address book, friends, family and word of mouth. Don’t be shy about asking more than once – people like to hear about your progress and to be reminded. You might be surprised at who helps you reach your goal!

Customize your emails

Make the email template in your personal fundraising page yours! Include a personal story, why you’re cycling, where the money is going and who is benefiting from the funds.

Customize your personal fundraising page

Similar to your emails, make your personal fundraising page your own. Include a story about why you are cycling and raising money for kids and any other information you want people to know and include photos and videos!

Add social media to the mix

Given that more and more donations are happening online these days, give updates on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram to update your friends on your fundraising. You can provide direct links to your personal fundraising page to allow for easy and quick donations. Make it easy for people to support you by meeting them where they’re at: online! Remember to use #LifeCycle4Kids and tag us on Instagram and Twitter at @LifeCycle4Kids!

Fundraise in the workplace

  • Invite your coworkers to participate and contribute! Making your organization’s participation in Life Cycle an annual tradition builds team spirit. 
  • Find out if your employer participates in corporate matching gifts. This can often double, triple or quadruple your team’s fundraising, which enables Child Life specialists to do all the life-changing work they do. 
  • Spread the word! Take advantage of your organization’s inter-office mail or newsletter to get the word out about your participation in Life Cycle. Change your voicemail and email signature to promote your fundraising efforts! 

Stay focused

Remind yourself of why you are participating in Life Cycle, and how the money you raise will help ensure our hospital experts have the resources to care for kids’ spirits as well as their bodies. Talk to friends, family and other fundraisers for inspiration and ideas.

Send a personal thank you

Remember to thank your donors for showing their support! Once the event is over and you have completed your fundraising, send the results to them and thank them again so they know where their money went – you might reach out to them again next year!

Social Media Toolkit

Level up your #LifeCycle4Kids social media game with downloadable graphics and messaging to make your posts stand out!

Rewards and Prizes

To celebrate your fundraising success, we’ve got some exciting incentive prizes up for grabs!

Raise $100 or more and you'll receive a Life Cycle cotton T-shirt to wear proudly!

Raise $250 or more and you'll receive a Life Cycle branded sling bag to help carry your gear!

Raise $500 or more and you'll receive a Life Cycle branded stainless steel water bottle to help keep you hydrated during your rides!

Raise $1,500 or more and you'll receive a Life Cycle cycling jersey as a thank you for going the extra mile for kids!

Detailed fundraising incentive prizing terms and conditions are available here.

*MNP has generously agreed to match all Life Cycle donations between June 24-30, up to a total maximum value of $50,000.